Dave’s parents were introduced to each other by Torrey Johnson when they were U of I students. He was saved at age 7 at a back yard Bible study with his mom. Brice Fennig was his YFC Director in Rockford. He got involved in club while in junior high there. He was very involved in the Rockford YFC rallies in high school. He went to Capital Teen Convention and participated in the talent contests at Winona. His parents and he and his brother, Ralph, were all involved in YFC. When he went away to Wheaton College, he got involved in Fox Valley YFC with Jim Weaver, David Mains, and Vic Graham. He had a spiritual crisis while at Wheaton, but by observing other students, he took his faith as his own. He and Bruce Barton were Area Directors for Fox Valley YFC for three years. Clayton Baumann, director of North Area YFC convinced Dave and Bruce and Earl Johnson, and Bud Smith to go to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and run clubs for him. They were challenged to spend 10 hours per week at each high school, which was revolutionary at the time.

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