Denny heard about Youth for Christ in high school through Eli Beltran in Peoria. After college Larry Russell recruited him to move to Ft. Wayne to serve in Youth Guidance ministry. They developed a wilderness-backpacking ministry for troubled kids. Larry later asked Denny and his wife to go to Germany to work in MCYM for a few years. During that time their team of six climbed the Matterhorn in Switzerland and were hit by lightning. Two people from another party fell to their death, but Denny had some permanent neurological damage which acts like Parkinson’s and affects one side of his body. After returning to Ft. Wayne, YFC built a Counseling Center which Denny directed. At one time they had a qualified staff of 26 in 5 different locations counseling both teens and parents. Denny now heads up YFC’s Vitality Care Institute which provides counseling, coaching and assessment for vocational ministry and non-profit leaders.

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