Gary grew up in Chicago with loving but non-Christian parents. Gary’s sister started attending a HI-C Club and became a Christian. She and her friends started praying for Gary and invited him to a Youth for Christ rally. It was the mid-fifties. They showed the Billy Graham film, “Oiltown, USA.” Gary felt as if Billy was preaching directly to him, and so he accepted Christ that night. He then helped lead the Hi-C Club during the rest of his high school years. Soon after graduation he went to Moody Bible Institute and helped train the 100 students or so who were leading 75 Hi-C clubs around the city. He transferred to Taylor University and spoke in many of the clubs in the Taylor area. After Taylor he worked on his Masters in Christian Education and led a club for DeKalb County YFC. He also picked up the YFC radio broadcast, “This is Youth for Christ.” He was on the Crusade staff, speaking around the country in various YFC rallies. He then assisted Jay Kesler in the national training program and eventually became the Executive Vice President under Jay when he was president. For the past 25 years or so he has worked as Associate Pastor at Wheaton Bible Church but still assisted with the local YFC program.
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