Jake attended his first YFC rally in the 8th grade in 1966 in New York, under director Wes Wales. He interned in YFC in Elmira, New York, took a 6 year hiatus to be in Lamb’s Players, then took over as Executive Director of Seaway YFC in 1983. He directed YFC in Seaway for 17 years. In 2000 he moved into an associate position in the Eastern Region with Joel Smith. He and David Schultz began to explore how they could use drama in the Project Serve ministry. They hired a playwrite to write the play called “Every Youth.” In 2009 his team learned the play in Spanish and took it to Mexico. Since then they have performed in Honduras, Guatamala, Colombia. They trained a team in Brazil to do the play with very good results. They plan to go to Uganda and possibly Bolivia in the near future.




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