John first came into YFC in 1972 after spending some time as a volunteer in Northern Ireland. After four years in YFC, he left to take a position with the YMCA, which he held for 9 years. Then in 1985 the NI YFC Board of Directors asked him to become the National Director – otherwise they would shut down the program. He took the job, and YFC began to thrive with all kinds of ministries. They were also able to reach out to start ministry in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, and Armenia. All of those programs had a mentor from NI YFC. In 2001 when Jean Jacques Weiler became the YFCI President, John took his place as the European Area Director. A few years later they added the Middle East and North Africa to his Area, so that he was in charge of 31 nations overall. Those nations have over 40 ministry models between them.

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