Jose received his ten-year award from YFC in 2017. He started as a pioneer director in Mexico and later was assigned as National Director. Then in 2014 he was asked to be the Americas Area Director. He has been learning a lot and growing as a minister. They have very good national programs that are supporting the area and reaching many young people for Christ. He tells of the strength of Guatemala YFC. One of his challenges is to build bridges and not walls. He wants the nations to be connected because YFC is a family. His area has been very supported by Canada, the United States and Brazil. He appreciates his Latin America Regional Director, Mayra Cano, and the Caribbean Regional Directors, Brian and Melissa Verdugo. He tells about his family, his wife, Sarah, and three children, who are all doing well. God gave him a vision that he would see many thousands of teenagers coming to Christ in the future.

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