Chien Chong, the current National Director of Singapore YFC, describes how Singapore YFC started through Joe Weatherly in the late 50s. Mr. Liew Kee Kok became the first director. The ministry started with work with troubled youth, but then it moved on to school clubs. Chien Chong got involved in the late 70s when Albert Lee became the National Director. But in the 80s they were no longer allowed in the schools, so they moved out into the streets to work with young people. From 2000 onward they moved into niche ministries. Chien Chong tells an amazing story how his own Bible came back to him 40 years later. Currently through 60 full-time staff and 200 volunteers they are reaching about a half million young people through that island nation. They constantly try new methods of reaching youth for Christ. And for years they have reached out to help start and encourage YFC in several other Southeast Asian nations.

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