In the early 2000s Central Ohio YFC was beginning to saturate with their Campus life, Institutional Ministry and Counseling programs. They were enjoying the use of the one-story Phase 1 City Life Center, which contained a gym, meeting rooms, silk-screening, clothes-making, Teen Moms ministry and a Wheels ministry. There was lots of growth and excitement and then the bottom fell out in 2008. They had to lay off some staff and curtail some programs due to the great recession. At that time Scott attended a church conference, and the pastor who spoke talked about how when God calls us to do great things, it sometimes feels impossible. Even though he first tended to blow this message off, he felt that the Holy Spirit was speaking to him directly. He felt God was asking him to pray for something impossible – raising $8 million for Phase 2 of the City Life Center. Scott finally said “yes,” and you need to hear the miracle

story of how God did it!

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