Sodoo and Gloria Sandagdorj on the New YFC Ministry in Mongolia Sodoo grew up in a non-Christian family in Mongolia. He had always wanted to be a clown, so he joined the circus when he was 12. He soon gained status on an elite team of circus performers that traveled to China and other countries. In Hong Kong he and several others on his team were invited to a Korean church where they heard the Gospel. They all accepted Christ as their Savior. After 13 years in the circus, Sodoo felt a call from God to reach the young people of Mongolia. For some time he worked with the youth in their church, but later he happened to meet a YFC staff member in Hong Kong. After this staff member visited Mongolia, Sodoo and his wife, Gloria, decided to begin Youth for Christ in Mongolia in January, 2013. Listen to their powerful testimony in this 12-minute video.

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