Steve moved to Columbus in 2002 to work with City Life/inner city kids. He’s seen lots of street kids reached and now either on staff or Volunteers in Training (VITs). He tells about Dre and Mo who found Christ and are now discipling others. He tells about Dan who was very shy but whose life was transformed by Jesus. Over a long period of time he grew in his relationship and now as a 24 year old volunteer he is discipling others also, including Stefan. Now he has accepted Christ and is influencing his family for Christ. He is grateful to be a part of a Christian community that works so hard to bring the love of Christ to street kids. He also teaches full-time in the Franklinton Preparatory Academy which is located in YFC’s City Life Center. Students from City Life go to school there and do better than they would in a public school. And students in the school participate in City Life activities after school.

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