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A special message from President Dan

I remember quite vividly the day that I received my first set of stock options from General Electric. I was new to corporate life at this level and this kind of recognition wowed me. I didn’t much care how it worked, I just knew that I had been entrusted with a level of ownership that validated and applauded.

While those stock options languished under the weight of a stagnant stock market, the lessons escalated in beautiful proportion. We are owners, or rather stewards of the grand mission of God. His plans include us... read more.



Downloadable Resources for Board Members:


For additional resources, assistance or information contact your National Field Director or Associate Field Director.  Click Here for a listing and contact information.

In Youth for Christ/USA this means you. As board members of the mission you are owners. And not only owners, but representatives of the other shareholders as well. That’s precisely why we honor and appreciate you. At YFC/USA we want to equip, to participate, to encourage, and to elevate the role that you play to its appropriate place.


Because of this commitment we are committed to making available to you the resources and materials that you will need to do your job more effectively. That’s what this website is all about. Additionally, we want you to know that this new web direction is designed to support your ministry team and volunteers in a way that enables them to be more effective.

Congratulations! You own this mission, and I promise that you are not alone. Thanks so much for volunteering your time and abilities for the sake of young people in your community. God is honored through you.

Yes, owners in this grand mission. My prayer is that this site will be a powerful and effective resource for ministry expansion and excellence.

To God be the glory!


Dan Wolgemuth
President & CEO, Youth for Christ/USA

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