This can be and usually is a sticky, sensitive point and must be handled with the upmost care. For me the best way to handle this is to initiate/update a strategic plan. Part of the process should include an assessment of the "compelling needs" of the community/communities that the chapter serves. The plan must speak to where the chapter currently is and where it needs to go to best serve the area of ministry. The process must define what it will take to get there, including expectations for the board. This presents the opportunity for the board to do an assessment of itself, ("Do we have what it takes to move the chapter forward") and could be an opportunity to allow long term members to step down with honor. The new plan also will open up the opportunity to target specific people, with the specific skills to help change the direction. It is also a good idea to contact your NFD, as they may have relationships with some of these long term members and can provide some personal insight and guidance.

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