This is an interesting question and the answer is somewhat dependent on the size and structure of the Chapter. In small chapters the board may be more hands on. In a large chapter their involvement will lean more toward advise, counsel, and information. However, the point is there needs to be processes that are defined and documented in your chapter's policy/procedure manual. Like all policies and procedures they should be subject to an annual review. Let's break the question down into two parts: 1- Hiring, 2- Firing. Hiring: the size of the chapter usually determines the level of involvement. Generally speaking the board may want to have some direct involvement in any senior staff hiring, i.e. ministry director, office manager, etc. Other positions would probably be information only as long as they are covered in the operating budget. Firing: again size is a factor. Once again the board may want to have some direct involvement with senior staff and information only for other positions. Also, it's a good idea to have a policy in place that ensures that an "Exit Interview" is conducted by someone. This would be a good place to use a board member who has an HR background. Some chapters have a Personnel or HR Committee. One last thought, if you are hiring or firing the ED you must ensure that your NFD is engaged from the beginning.

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