By Howie - Your question raises two points: First, the board and the staff must work together to ensure adequate funds are raised to support the local ministry. The board should be willing to contribute personally, arrange opportunities for people in their circle of influence to either meet with the ED or be exposed to the YFC message (i.e. invite to a fund raiser) and lead/work on a funding event. For me, as a previous board member, it was a joint effort. The board and staff worked together to make it happen. Second, "more", by itself is very subjective. To try and give you a point a frame of reference, below is a suggested income profile from YFC. I believe this will help put the "more" question into a proper perspective.



Board and Staff 10 – 25%
General Contributions (Includes Banquet) 40 – 60%
Events 15 – 25%
Staff/Circle of Influence 15 – 30%
Other 5 – 10%
(Grants; Foundations; Estates; Etc.)

Source: John Peterson YFC V.P. of Development

As you can see there are a number of pieces to the funding puzzle. In summary, your funding strategy must be comprehensive and it must be a team effort; everyone working together to reach more kids with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

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