Question:  What is an appropriate amount of time to spend training a new board member? What would be the main topics you'd cover in the first training?

ANSWER:  Great question!! Here are my thoughts.

First, I would make sure that you have a Board Member Recruitment Packet. It should contain material such as: Board Job Description; Statement of Faith; Overview of the types of ministry, services that the chapter provides; Chapter Ministry profile; Annual Report; Proposed Board Member Personal History & Information Sheet; etc. I would give them this information in advance of the interview meeting (Prospective Board Member, Board Member (s) (1 or 2) and the ExD), conduct interview, discussing info and answer questions prospect might have. (Time: approximately 1 to 2 hours)

Second, I would suggest you cover the following topics: YFC overview (both national and local); Board Structure (Committees, Task Forces, etc.); Board Responsibilities/ Duties; Visit actual Ministry Site.

Third, I would cover the above items during the recruitment process, except for the Ministry Site visit. Also, during the recruitment process I would have them attend a regular Board Meeting to both observe the Board and share their testimony. (Time: usual Board meeting duration)

Fourth, once they’re on the Board I would then do the Ministry Site visit, go out for coffee afterward to answer any additional questions and discuss exactly where/how they will fit in (i.e. Committees, task forces, etc). (Time: approximately 2 hours)

Also, I would contact your NFD and access having someone come in and conduct a full Board Training Session. (Time: approximately 4 hours)

Please feel free to let me know if you have additional questions or wish more information.

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