First, I believe you should establish a Board Recruitment Committee and they should develop a recruitment process. This should be standing committee that is made up of a few board members, with the ED serving as an ex-officio member. As for who is best, I think it should be a team effort (board and ED working together). Once the committee has defined the skills needed to enhance the current board, prospective names should be gathered, reviewed and prioritized. Then prospective candidates should be contacted. I would like to mention that a good source of new board members might be from those already serving on committees of the board, ie golf, banquet, etc. I do not recommend making general announcements, ie at a banquet, for board members. The recruitment process should be very targeted and supported by a current board job description. Lastly, this process is defined in Module 5 of our National Board Training package. Please contact your NFD for a copy and/or to schedule a training session.

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