Team meetings keep members informed and provide a forum for problem solving, decision-making, and innovation.  Meetings, when productive, are also one of the primary ways to develop team member relationships, enthusiasm, and spirit.

1. Ask yourself, “Is this meeting really necessary?”

2. Have a goal for the meeting.  What do you want to accomplish?

3. Have an agenda with clearly stated items and the amount of time to be allotted each one. 

4. Limit attendance and appoint a leader.

5. Stay focused on the agenda.  IF a new topic is introduced, add it to the list of future agenda items or negotiate with the group if it should be discussed now.  Have a clock in the room.

6. Strive to get everyone involved in the discussion, avoid domination by one or two members.

7. Foster rigorous debate and brainstorming, while respecting each other’s opinions.

8. Use visual aids.  Have a flip chart and use it.

9. Keep minutes of the key points and actions to be taken, then follow up.

10. Do a two-minute evaluation of the meeting.  Ask everyone what went well…what could be improved.

SOURCE:  OfficeTeam

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