Is it important? YES! Then how do we achieve it?  Here are some pointers for your consideration:

  • We must have a shared purpose, a common goal and vision. That begins with everyone memorizing ourmission statement, restating it often and knowing how we fit into the grand scheme.
  • Our leaders have to model unity. It has to be established as a personal and individual goal for everyone. We have to be a team, all headed in the same direction. A well-oiled team can move mountains.
  • A winning team melds individual talents. That requires listening. Do we value employees' uniqueabilities and contributions? Listening will communicate that we do.
  • We have to make everyone feel important in their role. All should feel needed and be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Lots of communication. Good communication results in people feeling included and secure. On the other hand, poor communication can lead to gossip which is degrading and destructive.
  • Silos and barriers between individuals and departments are no-no's. Opportunities for teamwork get lost and individual worth or value tends to decrease.
  • Disagreements should be addressed quickly. When people lock horns and bump into each other, the leader should act decisively by pulling out the splinter, cleansing the wound, and allowing time to heal.
  • Incompetence should not be "winked" at. It can be demoralizing to everyone. 

Bottom line: we need to collaborate rather than compete, cooperate rather than contend, support rather than win.

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