Questions to Answer Before Your Chapter Acquires Real Property
When you acquire real estate of any kind by donation, here are some guidelines and questions to consider before accepting the gift.

1. Mission and Vision: Does the property truly fit into your current and future plans?

2. Financial Issues: What will the financial ramifications be to your cash flow, balance sheet, financial statements, community image and otherwise?  At least an informal independent appraisal of the property's value and ongoing carrying costs will be necessary to answer these important questions.

3. Board Approval: Has your chapter Board been made formally aware of the details of this opportunity and approved going forward?

4. Donor Relationships: Does acceptance of a donation of property- or the raising of funds relating to its purchase - obligate you to a use of the property that you are certain you can fulfill?
5. Confirm the Facts: Have you verified all the key “facts” that you have been told verbally?

6. Ownership Issues:
Have you confirmed current ownership?
Are you dealing with the right decision makers?   
Is the property jointly owned?
Is the title free and clear of any liens or encumbrances? No mortgages or back taxes?
Will you be using title insurance to guarantee your ownership?
Is the legal description accurate in all respects?

7.  Use: How do current zoning and subdivision rules allow you to use the property?

8. Environmental: Has an environmental review been done recently to address issues like underground fuel tanks, asbestos, lead based paint, groundwater contamination, etc.? If not, this should be done before acquiring ownership.

9. Physical Condition: Have you had professional contractors inspect any structures for issues with electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc.? Do you have all repairs factored into your future budgets concerning the future use of the property?

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