About the Re-Brand

Youth For Christ USA is now one of over 100 chartered nations of Youth for Christ International. In the US, the organization spans nearly 2,000 ministry sites in local communities, led by 1,800 employees and 20,000 volunteers. Their national ministry models often serve teens in tough situations including unplanned pregnancy, juvenile detention, and poverty. Currently, 300,000 young people are connected to US programs, with nearly two-thirds of those kids involved in an ongoing, intentional relationship with a Youth For Christ leader. Today, the organization is celebrating renewed growth, having launched 600 new ministry sites in the last three years and continuing at that rate.

A united, mobilized, and committed organization deserved a visual identity that reflected what we esteemed most.  In the very center of this renewed focus we discovered the heartbeat of the mission. God’s unrelenting and pursuing love giving life to young people in every and any context.

It is important to understand that this influence is not centered around personal gain or the rise of Youth For Christ... but for the kids far from Jesus who need hope, life, and redemption; for armies of available volunteers who have not yet heard about our mission; for partners who will be inspired to launch us into new communities.

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