Why now?

Geared to the times...

First, YFC’s current visual identity is fragmented in a way that people have a hard time making connections among our various ministries. They do not associate Campus Life with Youth For Christ, for example. This is a point of confusion among kids, volunteers, and donors. Second, want to tie these together in a way that will transcend all of our ministry models, cultures and contexts. The logo needs to be “wearable” among lost kids and Christian leaders alike. Finally, 2/3 of America’s youth now live in the major metropolitan areas. Our brand needed an upgrade in order to survive these very sophisticated environments.

The vision God has given Youth For Christ leads us to places where our brand must transcend any context -- from uniformly lit institutions to dark alleyways. Historically this has led us to creative variations of our visual mark that dilute the Unified Focus we experience as a movement. We owe it to our King to display ourselves outwardly with the unity He prayed for.

We will not abandon history; we will celebrate and build on it. One of Youth For Christ’s earliest taglines was: “Geared to the Times, Anchored to the Rock.” With this refreshed look, we boldly retool for this present age while unapologetically declaring we are still anchored to the Rock of Ages.

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