Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why the re-brand? Why now?

A: First, YFC’s current visual identity is fragmented in a way that people have a hard time making connections among our various ministries. They do not associate Campus Life with Youth For Christ, for example. This is a point of confusion among kids, volunteers, and donors. Second, want to tie these together in a way that will transcend all of our ministry models, cultures and contexts. The logo needs to be “wearable” among lost kids and Christian leaders alike. Finally, 2/3 of America’s youth now live in the major metropolitan areas. Our brand needed an upgrade in order to survive these very sophisticated environments.

Q: Hasn’t the current logo been around since the beginning?

A: No, it has not. The current logo has served us well for several decades, but it is not an original. At various points throughout the years, YFC has been committed to the times while remaining anchored to the rock. This is one of those points of visual transition. There have been several re-branding efforts like this, and, Lord willing, there will be another many years from now.

Q: What about YFC International? How do they feel about this?

A: We have involved YFCI from the very beginning, and they understand our branding challenge of unifying 10+ national brands (like City Life) around a single icon. We will honor YFCI by utilizing their icon in certain cases. We are not the first country to limit the use of the current icon. We will also be careful to place the YFCI icon on certain uses of our internationally-facing sending ministries.

Q: Who picked out the icon... the colors... the font... etc?

A: Our national marketing team worked with a high-level, professional agency (Whiteboard) who is very familiar with Kingdom movements like ours. We love these guys and they love our mission. We invested resources, researched the market carefully, and chose an identity that we pray will advance the Kingdom. We trusted professionals to do their job, and in some cases this involved carefully crafted focus groups.

Q: Compliance - Are we required to do this? By when?

A: The National Board of Trustees is requesting that all chapters convert their printed materials by the end of this fiscal year - June 30, 2014. Nationally hosted websites will be converted starting in February. Signage and physical property will take longer to re-brand, but we are asking that chapters build this into their fall 2014 budget when possible. 

Q: Compliance - I want to do this right. Who can help me?

A: We have a website for downloadable resources, guides, FAQ’s etc. This is at: YFC USA Branding. Additionally, we are asking that chapters email samples of their branded projects to [email protected] and allow 3 business days for feedback.

Q: Color - Why red? My rival school is red. I hate red. Gangs like red.

A: In the initial roll-out of the brand, we are using primarily a new YFC red color. This has tested the best among various audiences. However, the brand guide will allow for 12 different colors. Campus Life clubs, for example, can choose a color from the guide. The new brand is intentionally not reliant on color.

Q: The Icon - Is it trademarked? It looks so simple.

A: The beauty of the new icon is that it is both simple and complex. It has been carefully engineered, artistically designed to be a unique mark. We could bore you with more detail on the design itself, but trust us... this was carefully crafted.

Q: The Icon - Are the Olympics going to be mad?

A: The timing of our brand launch is admittedly awkward with the 2014 Olympics. But come on, they have 5 rings -- and the uniquely cut overlaps in our icon (look at it closely) look nothing like the Olympic rings.

Q: The process - How long has this been in the works?

A: This project, in some form or another, has been in existence since fall of 2012. Since then, we have been seeking agency partnerships, raising money, conducting research, and planning for a sweet local implementation.

Q: Logo - How do I get a new logo for my chapter, and my various ministry sites?

A: Visit the VSG Storefront to create and download a custom logo for your ministry site. If you need assistance, do not hesitiate to reach out to Kyleigh at [email protected].

Q: Brand Guide - Are there instructions somewhere on how to use the new brand? Rules? Guidelines?

A: Yes, consider this website a one stop shop: YFC USA Branding

Q: Chapter Websites - How do I get the new brand online? When will this be done?

A: There is an application form available on here. Fill out the form now and then wait in line. We will fufill these requests for website conversion in the order they are received.

Q: Print, Direct Mail, Stationery, Business Cards, etc - Where do I get this? How do I place an order?

A: The NSC is paying for a website print shop called Storefront. In it, all of the nationally designed print templates will be available. Templates can be highly customized, and we’ll be adding new print pieces all the time. Templates can be downloaded for free and taken to a local printer, or you may upload an excel spreadsheet with names and VSG will handle the printing and mailing at a per piece cost.

Q: Who do I talk to for help?

Email [email protected]. For fastest service, please use this channel rather than e-mailing our staff individually.

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