Brand Style Guide (Revised 7/15)

This is a substantial moment for Youth For Christ. 

Download Version 1.0.3 (rev. July 2015)

Much more than a new logo, it is a step of unity and solidarity for the sake of the kids we love. The vision God has given Youth For Christ leads us to places where our brand must transcend any context -- from uniformly lit institutions to dark alleyways. Historically this has led us to creative variations of our visual mark that dilute the Unified Focus we experience as a movement. We owe it to our King to display ourselves outwardly with the unity He prayed for.

We will not abandon history; we will celebrate and build on it. One of Youth For Christ’s earliest taglines was: “Geared to the Times, Anchored to the Rock.” With this refreshed look, we boldly retool for this present age while unapologetically declaring we are still anchored to the Rock of Ages.

Found within this document are the keys to communicating our new visual identity. The majority of this guide discusses design, logos, and font standards. But, before we get into “lockups” and margins, let me be clear that this document is incomplete and useless on its own. That’s because we are counting on YOU to represent this shift and lead us into a new era of influence.

It is important to understand that this influence is not centered around personal gain or the rise of Youth For Christ... but for the kids far from Jesus who need hope, life, and redemption; for armies of available volunteers who have not yet heard about our mission; for partners who will be inspired to launch us into new communities.

I’m asking you to read this prayerfully, humbly, and intentionally for the sake of representing our unity for those who have not yet joined Youth For Christ or met Jesus.

We are counting on you to be the advocates of this new brand — first, to the redemptive hope Jesus brings, and second, to the significant opportunity we have when we lock arms together in the mission of Youth For Christ.

This is not about a logo, but it is absolutely about a mark.

Leave it to our King to take meaningless geometric shapes and pour profound and eternal meaning into them.

Soli Deo gloria,

Dan Wolgemuth

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