This is not about a logo, but it is absolutely about a mark.

Logos are about utility, not inspiration. A logo is an identifier. Not a signifier. And a logo is actually not your brand's first impression. It's just the icon to which those impressions are associated. The most valuable attribute of the logo is not how inspiring it is, but how easily it can be remembered. Take for example the Nike swish. It has zero aspirational qualities intrinsically. But it's one of the most memorable logos in the world and people associate it with the energy to overcome.” -Whiteboard

Logos with Local City, Print Stationery & Templates, Direct Mail, Help with Marketing resources email [email protected] Be sure to let them know the name of your local chapter or direct affiliate.

Note: These logos have been updated to correspond with the color values from Brand Style Guide rev. 1.0.3!

Graphic artists, these logo sets now include raw Adobe Illustrator files for your convenience. Please respect and honor our new brand by carefully following the Brand Style Guide, being mindful of layout and color usage.

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