Renaming National Ministries

Several years prior to the rebranding, the National Ministries Team was in regular and intentional discussion about our overall approach to young leader development (Christian teenagers influencing their friends toward Christ) in Youth For Christ. As Friend2Friend and Campus Life entered into many of these conversations together, we  discovered that our main principles and values are the same. This discovery alerted us to the possibility of a shared pathway forward in raising up young leaders that could be even more effective.

After a gathering of 10 top national leaders from CL/F2F we felt great unity and clarity around embracing a singular pathway forward. We believe the best way forward is to change the name of F2F, the name of Student Leadership and potentially some other young leader programs in YFC to the same name (YFC Core - Core Teams). This will link us together both in our principles & values but also in our stewardship of key resources. Together we believe we can have greater impact together as we push students toward abiding in the Father and from that place influencing their peers toward Christ.

This means that Campus Life will still have a student leadership RMA (relational ministry action) but it will have a new name, CL Core, which will allow us to refocus on the values we have declared as most important via our leadership teams. Friend2Friend will still exist as a stand-alone national ministry model but with a new name (YFC Core) which allows us to share unity in our efforts together. Also, we are continuing to meet with other national ministry model teams to determine ways this could influence their additional young leader efforts in our YFC movement. Together we can move forward with the same values and principles. Of course, there will be slight differences in our practical approach based on the specific ministry model and context.

Teen Parents is now PARENT LIFE

Friend2Friend is now YFC CORE®

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