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The Youth For Christ National Service Center is paying for local chapter and direct affiliates to have access to an innovative web printing platform called Storefront. Storefront can save you time and money by providing instant marketing collateral to your staff and volunteers.

We will continue to produce nationally designed stationery, business cards, newsletter templates, thank you cards, presentation folders, post cards, calendars, etc, inside of the Storefront system. As you customize the print piece, you'll have the option of dowlnoading and printing the final PDF for free on your own printer... or uploading your contacts and our national partner, Vision Service Group, will manage your mailing FOR YOU at a per-piece cost! They'll even print and ship an order of just one printed piece!

This opens up new opportunities for variable mailing and list segmenting for Youth For Christ direct mail relationships. 

To request your login to this innovate new system, please email [email protected] Be sure to let her know the name of your local chapter or direct affiliate.

Visit the Storefront YFC Toolkit Website

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