By: Dave Ramseyer


Do you want to move through team? If you are a Campus Life site director and you are ready to push further into team ministry then take me up on a 90 day commitment. I am going to suggest a few very practical actions below and I think if you practice them all consistently over the next 90 days you will start to see some breakthrough. By the way, the goal is to commit to move in this ways often not just for 90 days.

First, commit to train your volunteer leaders every week. Some weeks this might mean a 15 minute nugget or other weeks it might be more than an hour. Either way, start to train your leaders weekly around the relational ministry actions. A few questions to ask yourself:

Second, commit to take volunteer leaders with you to do relational ministry actions with teens. Let me dial this in even tighter: If you are a full time site director, you spend half of your work hours with students (20 hours). Out of those 20 kid hours purpose to take a volunteer leader with you at least 75% of that time (15 hours). That means you are spending 20+ hours with lost teens a week and 15+ of those hours you are taking along other volunteer leaders. This is the “show me” factor. Take volunteers out and help them see how to participate in relational ministry actions. If you discipline yourself to this schedule with your team it will change your ministry – but beware it takes planning and intentionality to meet these goals. Most of your time with teens will be outside of programming and take initiative to set up (both with teens and adult leaders).

*Part-time site directors if you work 20 hours a week, try to get 75% of those hours with lost teens (15 hours). Out of those 15 hours try to spend 75% or more doing relational ministry actions by taking along volunteer leaders (12 hours).
**Volunteer site directors try to get 10 hours a week with lost teens and spend 75% of those hours doing relational ministry actions by taking along your volunteer leaders (7.5 hours).  

Third, regularly coach your leaders. After you train them and after you do relational ministry together stop for a few minutes and discuss what was learned. Unpack what happened, pray together, and make a plan for next steps. This will help your volunteer leaders make connections between the training and the actual practice of ministry with lost teens. This will also be the place where you will notice when certain leaders are ready to initiate ministry on their own and maybe even ready to teach others.

Oh yeah, try involving your Student Leaders in these three steps too! Train them, show them, and coach them. If you have a minute, make a comment below on how you see Jesus practice these principles in the Gospels.

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