By: Dave Ramseyer

Most people give to Campus Life ministry because they are compelled by the mission or the people living out the mission. So when you thank them it would make sense to give them a glimpse of the mission through the eyes of the people involved (leaders and teens). Below are a few tangible ideas to put into practice at the end of this school year to let your donors know you are thankful for their investment.

  • Go door to door. Have a couple leaders take a couple kids who are experiencing life change to donor’s houses to stop by for 5 minutes to tell them thanks by sharing their quick story of change. Give it a try – people will love it.
  • Make a 2-3 minute highlight video from Campus Life this school year but be sure to focus on life change in students. You can email this video link directly to donors as a way to say thanks while giving them a glimpse of what their investment went towards this year. Click here for an example from YFCamp.
  • Chocolates, Flowers, Fruit… If you have local businesses that help underwrite Campus Life, stop by with a basket of treats and a card. The whole team will be thankful.
  • This one is crazy… take the time to craft a handwritten note saying thanks. Go the extra mile by including a page of kid stories. This never gets old… everybody loves snail mail.
  • Take pictures of several teens that are experiencing new life change, print them out and then ask those students to write a bit about their stories on the back. Then mail these to donors or drop them off at their homes. Also a great way to get these couples praying for teens.

Take a risk and try at least one of these creative ways to thank donors this year. Also, take 2 minutes and write a comment below with a few other clever ideas. Remember the main point – take time to thank people who have invested towards life change in your community.

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