Students are searching for authenticity. They seek a friend to trust, someone to listen, a person who genuinely cares.

Recently, I was dropping off a middle school boy at his home after a CL event. As I pulled into the driveway, he turned toward me and blurted out, "Have I ever told you that my Mom is an alcoholic?" I wasn't so much surprised but I definitely felt as if he had put me on notice. This young man had effectively done three things by his singular emphatic question.

1. He alerted me. He had a bigger piece of his story that he needed to tell. And he needed to tell it ASAP.
2. He tested me. He needed to know if I was a safe person. Would I be someone who really cared? Would I follow up his dramatic statement with appropriate tact and sensitivity?
3. He gave me a gift. He gave me the privilege to be one he would trust to 'look behind the curtain' of his life.

A well rounded YFC ministry fosters opportunities for leaders and students to go deeper and tackle the tough issues where God wants to work. A one-on-one appointment gives a student permission to share their story with a caring adult leader. That leader can then point that student to God's story, helping them in their journey to become a life-long follower of Christ.

But, don't passively wait for a student to ask, be intentional and meet with a student this week. They have a story to tell, and so do you.

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