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Articles from February 2012


02/28/2012 – By: Kevin Becht If we are really honest we all have our favorite RMAs that we naturally gravitate toward. For some of us it might be club. We love the upfront, high energy program side of the...

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Getting a Follow-Up Small Group Started for New Christians

02/22/2012 – By: Traever Wieland When I was a sophomore in high school, I responded to the Spirit’s prompting by giving my life to Jesus!  My Campus Life director asked for those people that wanted to begin a...

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3 Practical Steps to Engaging a Volunteer Team in Campus Life Ministry

02/20/2012 – By: Dave Ramseyer   Do you want to move through team? If you are a Campus Life site director and you are ready to push further into team ministry then take me up on a 90 day commitment. I am...

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Rocket Science Small Groups- Starting Small Groups with Lost Kids

02/15/2012 – By: Traever Wieland One of the most difficult things I have found in ministry is to engage lost kids in a small group.  It’s awkward, initially uncomfortable, and most kids (outside of the church)...

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Empowering Your Team to Lead Growth Focused Small Groups

02/07/2012 – By: Ken Schmidtke Jonathan, Brian, John and Kevin started a follow-up small group with me after they made the decision to become followers of Jesus.  We committed to meet weekly for 6 weeks;...

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