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Articles from March 2012

Empowering Volunteer Staff To Go With You

03/27/2012 – I remember when I first started volunteering for Campus Life. I was committed to club and that was it. I didn’t have any experience in youth ministry, I was a young college student, and I was very...

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Empowering Volunteer Staff: Practical Ideas for Weekly Training

03/20/2012 – By: Matt Coppess Have you ever looked around your volunteer team and realized that you are probably training your replacement? Don't freak out, your ExD isn't about to fire you, however someday...

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Practical Tools to Develop Partnerships with Like-Minded Organizations

03/13/2012 – By: Scott Sjoblom I will never forget the first time I went to a church in order to develop a partnership in reaching kids in middle school in their neighborhood. To say that the Pastor was a...

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Appointment or Just Getting Together with a Kid?!

03/06/2012 – By: Trent Bushnell If you are like most Campus Life clubs in the universe, the section on your ministry report form (I hope you have one of those) for appointments is one of the...

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