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Articles from April 2012

Summer Ministry:  Having an Intentional Game Plan

04/19/2012 – By: Amber Jost Summer is almost here!  But before you slap a bunch of fun ideas for trips and events on the calendar, I’d like to challenge you to think purposefully about what you do this summer....

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Empowering Volunteer Staff: When to Get Out of the Way so More Ministry Can Happen

04/10/2012 – By: Ken Schmidtke Adam grew up in Campus Life; as a 6th grader his interaction every week at club was more of a forced response to keep his Grandma and mom off his back.  Yet as he got involved...

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Coaching Volunteer Staff Before, During, and After RMA Ministry

04/03/2012 – I’m so glad this is our topic for this week as we continue to dive deep into empowering others, I definitely need to be challenged to remember to coach my volunteer staff every step of the way in...

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