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Articles from May 2012

Celebrating a Year of Ministry

05/29/2012 – By: Traever Wieland It's time to celebrate! Stop. Think about all that has happened in the last school year.  What did God do in your life this past year?  What kids’ lives were changed because...

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Ideas for Ending the School Year Well with Administrators

05/22/2012 – By: Kevin Becht   The relationship between Campus Life Staff and the administrators of their campus is one of the most mysterious relationships that we cultivate. Do we really ever know what they...

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Creating Lifelong Followers: Getting Teens Involved in a Local Church

05/16/2012 – By: Ken Schmidtke Getting teens to start attending church is a challenge for me!  It has never been easy;  teens can be flakey agreeing to go but never follow through for various reasons. This one...

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Goals for Healthy Relational Ministry During the Summer

05/08/2012 – By: Traever Wieland   The last four weeks of club always seems to be a grind for me.  I can’t wait for summer to get here- a change of pace that is much needed for my Campus Life program AND my...

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Raising Scholarship Money for Summer Trips with Students

05/01/2012 – By: Trent Bushnell   TOP FIVE Reasons to Never Scholarship a Summer Trip   5.   Students need to earn their way or they won’t appreciate it.   4.   It’s not fair to the students who pay their...

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