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Articles from June 2012

Growing Student Leaders over the Summer

06/27/2012 – By: Trent Bushnell We all like a little change of pace in the summer – BUT – frankly, I think we sometimes take it too far.  Sure there are kids who are gone, but there are kids who are home.  Sure...

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3 Unique Appointment Ideas for Summer

06/20/2012 – By: Kevin Becht Summer … in our part of the country it seems to get shorter and shorter as time goes by. With that comes even more pressure to make the most of every opportunity to invest in the...

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Starting Summer Small Groups with Students

06/12/2012 – By: Scott Sjoblom   Summer offers us two things that are hard to come by during the school year: time and flexibility. These two rediscovered resources make summer a perfect time to start or...

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