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Articles from July 2012

Promoting Campus Life to your community to gear up for fall ministry

07/31/2012 – By: Kevin Becht If you are anything like me, you feel like you blinked and summer is over. While some of us in Campus Life are off at camp and still enjoying summer, others have already or are...

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Time for the Father

07/17/2012 – By: Carrie Gleeson Ahhh, summer . . . baseball games, BBQs, swimming, camping, watermelon, staying up late, and sleeping in . . . that’s how it goes right? That may have been how it was in 4th...

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Pray for One Person Today

07/12/2012 – By: Traever Wieland How do you engage people to pray for your ministry?  It’s a question that we as a staff have tried to answer, and have actually come up with numerous ways to try and engage more...

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Creating Space and Doing Funding Appointments through the Summer

07/10/2012 – By: Scott Sjoblom I am by no means an expert on fundraising. (Just ask my ED!) But, I work for an executive director that is one of the best in the biz. When it comes to everyones’ favorite part of...

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