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Articles from September 2012

The “unnatural” turn from Contacting Street onto Building Time Boulevard

09/25/2012 – By: Ryan Weaver As an eight year veteran of youth ministry (four with Youth for Christ), I am constantly faced with a great challenge; how does one turn the corner from contacting students to...

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3 Attitude Changes when meeting new students this fall [Contacting]

09/18/2012 – By Matt Coppess Remember the first time you walked on to your school’s campus?  Were you scared, intimidated, excited, or maybe just not sure what to expect?  Did you pray first?  Did you have...

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Mapping Your Campus

09/12/2012 – by Kevin Becht How well do you know your campus? For most of us the answer is probably pretty well. Now ask yourself, how well does my ministry team (adult AND student leaders) reflect my campus?...

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Communicating with the Adults in your Campus Life Community

09/05/2012 – By Kevin Becht Communicating with adults can be one of the most neglected responsibilities of a Campus Life staff’s job. We get busy planning and preparing for relational time with students and...

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