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Articles from October 2012

The Main Point behind the CL Club Wrap Up

10/23/2012 – By Dave Rahn I love the Campus Life wrap-up. Done well, it’s as artistic a communication form as any you’ll see. Great preachers can’t automatically handle wrap-ups. But the biggest reason I’m a...

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Why Use Media in Campus Life Club

10/16/2012 – By Bryan Marine When I hear the word media I am bombarded by images that make me sad to be a part of the culture that I am. The word media itself has become a word synonymous with evil. It is hard...

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Games are JUST fun

10/09/2012 – Written by: Allison Johnson Have you ever laughed out loud, maybe uncontrollably when watching an up-front game or crowdbreaker at Campus Life club? I have, and actually remember faces as the room...

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Why We Do Campus Life Club

10/01/2012 – by Trent Bushnell When you consider everything that goes into pulling off a club meeting, is it worth it?  All the prep; all the props; all the promo; all the setup; and all the energy.  All the...

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