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Articles from November 2012

Going Deeper with Teens: Knowing When to Get Others Involved

11/27/2012 – By Kevin Becht One of the biggest challenges to going deeper with kids is often our fear of uncovering issues that we may not be equipped to handle. Unfortunately, I am not sure if that is a fear...

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Journeying with Lost Teens and Pointing Them to Jesus

11/21/2012 – by Todd Lowans I met John the week I started as a Campus Life director. He was the kid that only spoke in small group to argue or share a cynical comment. One of his favorite pastimes at club was...

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Going Deeper With Kids: Asking Great Questions

11/12/2012 – by Todd Lowans I sat intently and listened as Jon talked about how broken, devastated and utterly hopeless he felt. I listened for what must have been an hour straight (it was definitely 2 venti...

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Listening over Telling

11/06/2012 – by Todd Lowans Have you ever seen Up? You know, the movie with the old guy with the flying house and the round kid dressed like a Boy Scout. My favorite character in the movie is the dog, Dug. He...

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Why CL Club Discussions Matter So Much and How to Make Them Count

11/01/2012 – By Matt Coppess Remember your favorite college course? Remember how you used to love to listen to the professor blabber on and on for up to an hour? Remember how you just love to hear lectures over...

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