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Articles from March 2013

3Story Appointments: High Points

03/26/2013 – By: Nina Edwards So you’ve listened well, you’ve given a couple gentle tugs, you have allowed the Holy Spirit to help you tie stories together and now that lost kid you sit across from needs to...

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3Story Appointments: Tying the Stories Together

03/19/2013 – By: Nina Edwards A huge realization I have had in my years of trying to live a 3Story life is that the Gospel comes alive to people in uniquely different ways.  A story that captures my attention...

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3Story Appointments: Gentle Tugs

03/12/2013 – By: Kevin Becht The phrase “gentle tugs” is a reference to picking fruit. It is how one really knows if fruit is ripe and ready to be picked. In the context of 3Story it refers to the questions,...

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3Story Appointments: Listening to Really Hear

03/05/2013 – By: Kevin Becht “People Listen to People Who Listen.” If you have attended any 3Story training at all, you have heard that phrase. It is used often because it is very true. Here are a few...

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