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Articles from April 2013

Balanced Life: Emotional

04/30/2013 – By: Allison Johnson Kids are more messed up than ever before. One in five preteens – children aged six to 12 – have been medically diagnosed with either ADHD, anxiety, depression or bipolar...

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Balanced Life: Social

04/23/2013 – By: Allison Johnson I had no friends. A few years back I resigned from YFC. For a couple years prior to leaving I had become aware that much of my identity and community was found in Campus Life....

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Balanced Life: Physical

04/15/2013 – By: Ken Schmidtke Midnight has been coming to our door wanting to bike ride with my son. Cali’s family needs food to make meals for the coming week.  Daniel, a parent of a couple Campus...

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Balanced Life: Spiritual

04/09/2013 – By: Ken Schmidtke Josh was one of those six graders that immediately grabbed your attention:  jovial, helpful and always eager to please!  Josh, however, faced challenging obstacles in his life. ...

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The Balanced Life: Overview

04/02/2013 – By: Ken Schmidtke Ingredients To The Balanced Life I admit it, I am a foodie. I love food… I mean GOOD food. My wife and I are addicted to the Food Network; learning techniques to...

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