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Articles from March 2014

Setting Your Team Up For Success

03/25/2014 – By: Tim Skrivan When people ask me what the essence of my role with YFC is, I tell them how I view my calling.  Simply, I have been called to set people up to succeed.   It is a simple concept that...

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The YFC Staff Team

03/18/2014 – By: Trent Bushnell In YFC chapters with multiple staff and multiple ministries, a Campus Life director plays multiple roles. On one hand, you are the CEO of your ministry site, and probably the...

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4 Attitudes You Can’t Afford To Have

03/12/2014 – By: Steve Surbaugh Two short years ago I was in the midst of ministry that from the outside seemed healthy. However, if you were to take a closer look, you would have seen canyons of...

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Learning from Jesus

03/04/2014 – By: Amy VanderKamp What if you recently found out that you had two Campus Life leaders hooking up, and if that wasn’t bad enough, you just got off the phone with another who called you stating,...

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