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Articles from May 2014

Contacting: Summer Style

05/20/2014 – By: Stacey Oswald I am sunburned and covered in aloe. Yes, there have been approximately three nice days in Michigan and I am rocking the lobster look already. Cut me some slack. After dealing with...

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Ending Well: Reaching Lost Kids

05/13/2014 – By: Katie Barnes Senior Night this week. I need to pick up the picture frames for the senior gift. End of the year party next week. Did I print the summer activities list yet? What should I do for...

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Do Relationships End?

05/06/2014 – By: Allison Johnson We would never say that relationships end at the close of the school year, but our actions may not show that. As the school year comes to an end, many times our practice of...

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