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Articles from June 2014

Summer Ministry: Setting Up Appointments

06/24/2014 – By Ryan Anderson, Peoria Area YFC Appointments are one of the RMA’s that leaders tend to let slip through their fingers- not because they don’t want to do them, but because it is often hard to...

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Summer Ministry: YFC Camp

06/17/2014 – Written by Amy Vander Kamp, West Michigan YFC The YFC Camp tagline: Where Everything Changes couldn’t be truer. The truth is that lives are changed at camp, and we want you (and the students) to...

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Summer Ministry: Core Team Ideas

06/10/2014 – By Ben Talmadge, Tuscaloosa YFC Have you started a core team yet? If so, then you may be wondering what to do with your team over the summer. Over the years I have found summer to be a challenging...

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Summer Ministry: Core Teams

06/03/2014 – By Matt Ridgely, Mason Dixon YFC If there was one investment that you could make during the summer; one thing that would set the stage for healthier Campus Life ministry in the fall, what would...

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