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Articles from July 2014

Summer Ministry: (Divine) Appointments

07/22/2014 – By Kate Laux, Findlay Area YFC It was only the second night of camp.  Jesus Notices Me had been the resounding theme of the day but for some campers, being seen and noticed still remained an...

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Summer Ministry: Small Groups

07/15/2014 – By Josh Jones, Missoula YFC Having enjoyed many “cult classics” through the years, I recently gave the ‘Breakfast Club’ another shot. There are many times after movies that I have wished I...

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Summer Ministry: RMA’s at Camp

07/08/2014 – By Stacey Oswald, West Michigan YFC RMAs at camp are like an ice cream sundae. Work with me on this one. Let’s start with the toppings. First, the sprinkles; the fun, colorful element that gives...

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Summer Ministry: Creative Building Times

07/01/2014 – By Dondi Rollins, Long Island YFC Summer Time...and the ministry is easy. Ok, maybe not easy...but it can be really simple when we stay creative. As a Campus Life Director I love Building Times in...

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