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Articles from November 2014

Planning, Flexibility, and Collaboration are 3 Pieces to Effective Follow-Up with a New Believer

11/25/2014 – Follow-up can be a dirty word in youth ministry. It seems to be one of the hardest pieces of the puzzle for us to actually follow through with. So, what does follow-up look like for a student who has...

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How to have a First Time Follow-up Appointment with a New Believer

11/18/2014 – Spending one-on-one time with students is essential to our ministry. Students need that individual attention and guidance, especially students who have just made a first time decision for Christ. But...

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Practical Tools to Develop Partnerships

11/11/2014 – I will never forget the first time I went to a church in order to develop a partnership in reaching kids in middle school in their neighborhood. To say that the Pastor was a little suspicious of me...

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Empowering Volunteer Staff: Practical Ideas for Weekly Training

11/04/2014 – Have you ever looked around your volunteer team and realized that you are probably training your replacement? Don't freak out, your ExD isn't about to fire you, however someday your role will change...

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