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Articles from February 2015

Empowering: Why Efficiency is Not the Answer

02/24/2015 – Have you ever allowed efficiency to get in the way of empowering your ministry team.  I have been guilty of this way too many times. I will just make the phone calls for this building time, it will...

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Empowering: How do we view our ministry teams?

02/18/2015 – Do you tend to see yourself as the leader of your ministry team and the rest of the team as followers? How much do your volunteers rely on you versus feeling released to be full time minister of the...

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02/10/2015 – If it is going to be done right, I need to do it.” I have thought this and said it out loud one too many times.  If you are like me, you understand and agree with the value of empowering others in...

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Incarnational Ministry

02/03/2015 – What comes to your mind when you think of Incarnational Ministry?  Does John 1 come to your mind first or 1 Corinthians 9.  Is Incaranational Ministry about us becoming all things for the young...

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