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Articles from March 2015

Balance Matters

03/31/2015 – When was the last time you tried walking on a balance beam? I am talking about the balance beam that is 4 inches wide, 4 feet off the ground and 16 feet long. A person who does well on a balance beam...

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03/17/2015 – Do you turn your cell phone off at night or not bring it in to your bedroom? How often do you check your email? I am more distracted today than any other time in my life.  Just ask my wife!  We  are...

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Spiritual and Emotional Health

03/13/2015 – Do you make a connection between your spiritual health and your emotional health? We are known in Campus Life for the Balanced Life Approach.  I can't recall how many clubs and small groups where we...

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The Health of the Minister

03/04/2015 – What is motivating or driving you as a leader right now?  Would you say you are flourishing or floundering? Where is your value coming from as a leader?  We desire that Campus Life leaders are...

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