If your Campus Life ministry site is  without the support of a good prayer team, then you are guilty of neglecting one of the greatest gifts the Lord offers to his servants. A prayer team can be the greatest blessing to your ministry as you strive to faithfully serve Christ.  Choosing the members of your prayer team is something that should be approached with much prayer. Seeking out people who have a heart for what you are doing, in this case Campus Life, can be a huge factor in how passionate an individual will be about lifting up your ministry faithfully. A good place to start are close friends and family who love you and have a strong desire to see you succeed. Other possible candidates include youth pastors, teachers, and other followers of Christ who care about the students in the ministry area that your team serves. Social media, such as email and Facebook as well as texting have been the best tools in communicating with our prayer team.  Don’t neglect those who prefer mail, printed prayer calendars and phone calls.. Strive to communicate with the prayer team on a consistent basis. Determine a rhythm and have the whole ministry team participate in the process. An effective prayer team strategy will prove to be a blessing in all areas of your ministry!

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