By: Kevin Becht

If we are really honest we all have our favorite RMAs that we naturally gravitate toward. For some of us it might be club. We love the upfront, high energy program side of the ministry. For others it might be contacting because we enjoy meeting new students. Building times seem to be different than any of the other RMAs because the purpose is really hidden from the surface. There is no agenda other than building relationships and modeling Christ-like behavior while spending time with students. It can be overwhelming at times, however, when we get serious about building times and start to wonder, “how can I ever spend time with every kid at this ministry site?” The answer is simple … we can’t! There aren’t enough hours in week, month, or year for one person to spend the time needed to build the kind of relationships with students we know need to happen. The answer to this dilemma is simple … don’t go alone! Consider these options to not only model Christ-like behavior for students, but to model effective building times with your leaders.


·         Set up a building time after club one week each month for your leaders and students.

·         Give building times away as prizes at club for a student and a few of their friends. Ask your adult volunteers who know the winning students the best to go with    you.

·         Survey your student leaders for what building times would be best for your ministry site. Then discuss the results with your leadership team. Ask volunteer leaders to take ownership of one building time each month that they are interested in.

·         Plan building times with only your leadership team. When they experience it themselves, they will remember how vital these times are for students as well.


Finally, remember that you aren’t in this alone. Talk with other Campus Life leaders in your area or look online to see what has worked for others. When it comes to building, the possibilities are endless and it’s so great to do them as a team.

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