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Appointments Matter

06/02/2015 – Students are searching for authenticity. They seek a friend to trust, someone to listen, a person who genuinely cares. Recently, I was dropping off a middle school boy at his home after a CL event....

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Prayer Matters

05/27/2015 – The other day I chuckled to myself because I was thinking about how people nowadays say, “do you boo boo, do you!” What does that even mean? Basically this response comes when someone makes a...

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The importance of following up with your Campus Life prayer team.

05/19/2015 – As Corrie ten Boom once put it, “Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?” Too often I find myself amidst a room full of teenagers praying for patience, guidance, and the ability to reveal...

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Building a Great Prayer Team

05/12/2015 – If your Campus Life ministry site is  without the support of a good prayer team, then you are guilty of neglecting one of the greatest gifts the Lord offers to his servants. A prayer team can be the...

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Tough at times but crucial: Prayer

05/06/2015 – Okay, as my kids would say, “ tbh, my prayer routine is a love/hate relationship!”  I know the value of prayer, its importance and relevance to nurturing my relationship with Christ.  It is a...

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